The following photo galleries document the incredible transformation and journey that the projects 1994 Dennis Dart underwent in becoming the finished West Suffolk SOS Bus:

Gallery 01 Collecting the Bus from Kent

image-01-01 image-01-02 image-01-03 image-01-04 image-01-05 image-01-06
image-01-07 image-01-08

Gallery 02 A temporary home at St Edmundsbury Borough Council's Depot

image-02-01 image-02-02 image-02-03 image-02-04

Gallery 03 The Bus leaves for the refit at Gazeley Horseboxes in Newmarket

image-03-01 image-03-02 image-03-03 image-03-04 image-03-05 image-03-06
image-03-07 image-03-08 image-03-09

Gallery 04 The Gazeley Team ready the Bus for its refit

image-04-01 image-04-02 image-04-03 image-04-04 image-04-05

Gallery 05 Initial stages of the refit begin

image-05-01 image-05-02 image-05-03 image-05-04 image-05-05 image-05-06

Gallery 06 The interior alterations take shape

image-06-01 image-06-02 image-06-03 image-06-04 image-06-05 image-06-06
image-06-07 image-06-08 image-06-09 image-06-10 image-06-11 image-06-12
image-06-13 image-06-14 image-06-15 image-06-16 image-06-17

Gallery 07 The Bus comes back from the paintshop

image-07-01 image-07-02 image-07-03 image-07-04 image-07-05 image-07-06
image-07-07 image-07-08 image-07-09

Gallery 08 The refit is complete

image-08-01 image-08-02 image-08-03 image-08-04 image-08-05 image-08-06
image-08-07 image-08-08 image-08-09 image-08-10 image-08-11 image-08-12
image-08-13 image-08-14 image-08-15 image-08-16 image-08-17 image-08-18
image-08-19 image-08-20 image-08-21 image-08-22 image-08-23 image-08-24

Gallery 09 The West Suffolk SOS Bus begins service in Newmarket

image-09-01 image-09-02 image-09-03 image-09-04 image-09-05 image-09-06
image-09-07 image-09-08
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